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    Directions: In this semester you are required to read 3 or 4 English novels. Please choose your favorite novel and write a summary in your own words with at least 150 words.  


  • ID:9121-14822(本题为引用材料试题,请根据材料回答以下问题)

    The author’s attitude toward the communications revolution is ________.

    A) positive

    B) critical

    C) indifferent

    D) tolerant


  • ID:9121-14821(本题为引用材料试题,请根据材料回答以下问题)

    The development of modern communications technology in developing countries may ________.

    A) hinder their industrial production

    B) cause them to lose control of their trade

    C) force them to reduce their share of exports

    D) cost them their economic independenceD


  • ID:9121-14820(本题为引用材料试题,请根据材料回答以下问题)

    Why does the author say that the electronic economy may have a destructive impact on developing countries?

    A) Because it enables the developed countries to control the international market.

    B) Because it destroys the economic balance of the poor countries.

    C) Because it violates the national boundaries of the poor countries.

    D) Because it inhibits the industrial growth of developing countries.A


  • ID:9121-14819(本题为引用材料试题,请根据材料回答以下问题)

    It can be inferred from the passage that ________.

    A) international trade should be expanded

    B) the interests of the poor countries have not been given enough consideration

    C) the exports of the poor countries should be increased

    D) communications technology in the developing countries should be modernizedB


  • ID:9121-14818(本题为引用材料试题,请根据材料回答以下问题)

    From the passage we know that the development of high technology is in the interests of ________.

    A) the rich countries

    B) scientific development

    C) the elite

    D) the world economyA


  • ID:9121-14817(本题为引用材料试题,请根据材料回答以下问题)

    By “just the tip of the iceberg” (Line 2, Para. 8), Siegel suggests that ________.

    A) half brain sleep has something to do with icy weather

    B) the mystery of half brain sleep is close to being solved

    C) most birds living in cold regions tend to be half sleepers

    D) half brain sleep is a phenomenon that could exist among other species


  • ID:9121-14816(本题为引用材料试题,请根据材料回答以下问题)

    While sleeping, some water mammals tend to keep half awake in order to ________.

    A) alert themselves to the approaching enemy

    B) emerge from water now and then to breathe

    C) be sensitive to the ever changing environment

    D) avoid being swept away by rapid currentsB


  • ID:9121-14815(本题为引用材料试题,请根据材料回答以下问题)

    The example of a bird sleeping in front of a mirror indicates that ________.

    A) the phenomenon of birds dozing in pairs is widespread

    B) birds prefer to sleep in pairs for the sake of security

    C) even an imagined companion gives the bird a sense of security

    D) a single pet bird enjoys seeing its own reflection in the mirrorC


  • ID:9121-14814(本题为引用材料试题,请根据材料回答以下问题)

    According to the passage, birds often half sleep because ________.

    A) they have to watch out for possible attacks

    B) their brain hemispheres take turns to rest

    C) the two halves of their brain are differently structured

    D) they have to constantly keep an eye on their companionsA


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