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    A.The man had better choose another restaurant.
    B.The new restaurant is a perfect place for dating.
    C.The new restaurant caught her fancy immediately.
    D.The man has good taste in choosing the restaurant.


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    Section C

    Directions: In this section, you will hear a passage three times.When the passage is read for the firsttime, you should listen carefully for its general idea.When the passage is read for thesecond time, you are required to fill in the blanks with the exact words you have justheard.Finally, when the passage is read for the third time, you should check what youhave written.

    Looking at the basic biological systems, the world is not doing very well.Yet economic indicators show the world isDespite a slow start at the beginning of the eighties, global economic output increased by more than a fifth during theThe economy grew, trade increased, and millions of new jobs were created.How can biological indicators show the of economic indicators?

    The answer is that the economic indicators have a basic fault: they show no difference between resource uses thatprogress and those uses that will hurt it.The main measure of economic progress is the gross national product (GNP)., this totals the value of all goods and services produced and subtracts loss in value of factories and equipment.Developed a half-century ago, GNP helpeda common way among countries of measuring change in economic output.For some time, this seemed to workwell, but serious weaknesses are now appearing.As indicated earlier, GNP includes loss in value of factories and equipment, but it does not the loss of natural resources, including nonrenewable resources such as oil or renewable resources such as forests.

    This basic fault can produce asense of national economic health.According to GNP, for example, countries that overcut forests actually do better than those that preserve their forests.The trees cut down are counted as income but no subtraction is made forthe forests.


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    25.A.The words of some businesspeople are just rubbish.

    B.He who never learns from the past is bound to fail.

    C.There should be a limit to one's sense of humour.

    D.He is not laughed at, that laughs at himself first.


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    23.A.At a national press conference.

    B.During a live television interview.

    C.During a local sales promotion campaign.

    D.At a meeting of top British businesspeople.


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    Passage Three

    Questions 22 to 25 are based on the passage you have just heard.

    22.A.Cut down production cost.

    B.Sell inexpensive products.

    C.Specialise in gold ornaments.

    D.Refine the taste of his goods.


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    21.A.Contact your agent.

    B.Get a lift if possible.

    C.Use official transport.

    D.Have a friend meet you.


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    20. A.Learn the local customs.

    B.Make hotel reservations.

    C.Book tickets well in advance.

    D.Have the right documents.


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    Passage Two

    Questions 19 to 21 are based on the passage you have just heard.

    18. A.Theft.


    C.Air crash.

    D.Road accidents.


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    18. A.Writers of his time had no means to protect their works.

    B.Possible sources of clues about him were lost in a fire.

    C.His works were adapted beyond recognition.

    D.People of his time had little interest in him.


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